The Digital Book

This web content presents a modified version of my print book, A State of Change: Forgotten Landscapes of California (Heyday: 2010, out of print and erased from their website). Here I update some of the material, especially scientific names to reflect current taxonomic understandings. Also, this website presents much of the material in my original manuscript that was edited out of the book due to print limitations--including my draft chapters on the California desert and Sierra Nevada, which were not included in the book. As much as I love books, the beauty of digital media is space is not a limitation.

I want to thank the founder and original publisher at Heyday, Malcolm Margolin, for taking an idea and a paper manuscript plopped on a table at a cafe in Berkeley, many years ago, and agreeing to turn it into a polished book. This was my life's work, and it was published with great care and imagination. This website is dedicated to you, Malcolm.

To my father Jay

and my mother Marcia

Coyote cooperatively hunting with a badger in a bunchgrassland. I observed this firsthand on the grassy slopes of the campus of the University of California at Santa Cruz when I was syudying science communication in 1991. Pen and ink on paper.